Final CSA Logo_Black Logo PVD CSAThe Providence Community Safety Act

The Providence Community Safety Act is a city-wide ordinance that would protect the people of Providence against police misconduct. The proposed ordinance has 12 key points centered around policy accountability. The points range from video recording by the public to the creation of a Community Safety Review Board. These points can be read on the CSA website.

The CSA was developed by the Step Up Network, comprised of PrYSM, Direct Action for Rights and Equality, American Friends Service Committee, and Olneyville Neighborhood Associate.

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#EndDisplacement National Campaign

In October 2015, 1LoveMovement’s Media Team traveled across the United States to record voices of Southeast Asian community members on how deportation impacts their lives, their families and their communities. Their stories are building the foundation for SEAFN’s National Campaign to end deportation and displacement in the Southeast Asian refugee community.

For over two decades, the Southeast Asian American community has been fighting deportation – since the passing of the 1996 U.S. immigration laws and the signing of the Repatriation Agreement between the U.S. and Cambodia. We have been placed at the margins of criminal justice, U.S. immigration laws, and foreign policy. In the past, the fight was focused on overturning policies that target our community members with past criminal convictions, and their families. We see now, that the fight is in the streets of our community and with the deportees in Cambodia, Lao, and Vietnam, and must address repatriation agreements between the US and our home countries.