Standing Final CSA Logo_Black Logo PVD CSATogether to Undo Poverty and End Profiling (STEP UP) Network


The STEP UP Network aims to protect members of Providence from police misconduct and brutality through the CSA, a city wide ordinance that would hold police accountable. This network is the force behind the Community Safety Act. It is comprised of:

To learn more about the CSA, please visit the website, Facebook, or Twitter. For any questions, contact





In collaboration with the Centers of Disease Control & Prevention, the RI Department of Health began a statewide “Health Equity Zone” (HEZ) initiative. A HEZ is defined community or geographic area with high rates of illness, injury, chronic disease, and/or health challenges. The Department of Health has funded 11 organizations throughout RI to improve social & environmental conditions of our neighborhoods.

In April 2015, the Environmental Justice League of RI was award a grant from the Department of Health to approach environmental, reproductive, and social justice work through a health equity lens. EJLRI serves as the lead organization for the COHEP Collaborative, a network of Providence social justice community organizations that build equity in communities of color throughout Providence and across Rhode Island. These organizations include PrYSM, Direct Action for Rights and Equality, and the Rhode Island Doula Collective.

COHEP is working hand-in-hand with community members in the Reservoir, Washington Park, and Lower Elmwood HEZ to define the most important health issues, create a common agenda, and developed solutions. To find out more, please contact

Movement Ground Farm


Movement Ground Farm was started by PrYSM’s founding partner and former ED Kohei Ishihara, aka Farmer Kohei. After three years gardening in California and two years working at two New England farms, Farmer Kohei began to appreciate how farm fresh food can really bring people together and developed a totally new vision of what a farm could offer such as:

  • Bring diverse groups of people together – linking communities and movements that are traditionally separated by ideological, geographical, and social schisms.
  • Give displaced immigrants and refugees the opportunity to re-connect with nature, land, and food.
  • Rent out our cabins to awesome groups waging cutting-edge social justice campaigns, and provide them with a farm-fresh retreat experience that money alone could never buy.
  • Build a local food distribution system and establish a level of food sovereignty and be ready for impending droughts and food shortages.

So that is how Movement Ground Farm (MGF) began its birthing process.  Through MGF, Farmer Kohei hopes to give customers access to some of the freshest vegetables available, an exciting assortment of chicken, duck, and quail eggs, and some occasional shiitake and oyster mushrooms.  He also believes, that if you connect to the food, the land, and our intentional community of incredible people, the return on investment will be incalculable, immeasurable, invaluable, and just off the books, in a pretty powerful way.