Southeast Asian Freedom Network

The Southeast Asian Freedom Network (SEAFN) is a national collective of Southeast Asian grassroots groups working towards radical and transformational change led by those most impacted by systemic injustice. The leadership of SEAFN span six grassroots organizations from across the US that value the work of organizing, value intersectionality, and the need to ensure that our work is led by those most impacted. Each organization, though valuing this similar framework, have primary focuses on different aspects and different issues in the community.

Member organizations (including PrYSM) are:

Check out SEAFN’s website to stay updated on their campaigns.

The QSEA Report, A Census of Our Own: The State of QSEA America, was published  in July 2012.  The report was released at NQAPIA 2012 held in Washington D.C. as the first to have any documentation and information about LGBTQ Southeast Asians.  With this report published, the network hopes to achieve further visibility of the QSEA community, as well as serve as a call to action to movement builders and social change advocates to understand, include, and empower LGBTQ Southeast Asians in the nation.

Download QSEA Report Press Release

Download QSEA Report Executive Summary