Pride 2016

by admin

In regards to the Pulse Orland shooting, PrYSM and its program Queer & Trans Thursdays are committed as always to our community. We will provide what we can for those who need it (especially queer & trans* folks), whether it’s a meal, a friend, or a space to be yourself. We will continue to fight for the liberation of all our people, especially queer & trans* folks.

We know it’s not a lot, and we wish to be able to provide everything that our community needs right now so that we can stop fearing for our safety. But we hope that with this effort, we are closer and closer to our liberation.

In regards to Rhode Island Pride, PrYSM has been invited as Honorary Marshals. We are glad to be a part of this year’s parade, especially as our hearts are heavy with our queer & trans* siblings that we have lost in Orlando. We will be bringing the same message we always bring: that we need community safety, that we need less police, that we need resources for our youth.

Please join us this year as we march and demand more for our community. Too long we have been asking for the basic necessities that have been denied to us, such as housing, employment, safety. So we will continue to march, and shout, and scream and do whatever it takes so that our queer & trans* family feels safe, protected, but mostly loved.

Check out the facebook event for more details.