Silver & Gold – 15 Years of SEA Youth Organizing

by admin

It’s finally here! We are less than one week away from our annual fundraiser.

This year, we are striving for more. We are not just about funding an organization, but rather about funding a larger movement as we head into 4 years of white supremacy in presidential office.

We are asking all members of the community to provide us with their resources as we take up larger roles into movements centered on Black Lives Matter, Standing Rock, and Not1More deportation campaigns. We are working around the clock with not just our local community, but also our national and international community of people of color, LGBTQ*, low-income, disabled, undocumented, immigrant, refugee, youth, elders, and so many more identities that are consistently marginalized.

We are committed to you, to us, to everyone. So we ask you to commit to us and the work we are trying to do.

While tickets for our fundraiser are sold out, we are asking you to make a donation at our Paypal and to follow our movement closely. We want you to be a part of our family as we work to protect yours.

With much love,

the Providence Youth Student Movement