Sarath Suong, Executive Director

Sarath Suong is a co-founder of the Providence Youth Student Movement (PrYSM). Born in the Thai Refugee camp Khao I Dang, his family fled Cambodia during the civil war and eventually immigrated to his hometown of Revere, Massachusetts. To cope with the violence, pain, and injustices facing Southeast Asian (SEA) Americans, he became a community organizer, centered around the unique intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality. Sarath loves his family, friends, young people, and is the biggest X-Men fanatic you’d ever meet.

Shannah Kurland, Legal Director

Shannah is a Soros Justice Fellow who has been organizing for racial & economic justice since 1988 with DARE, ONA, and informal neighborhood and community projects.  After providing training and support to movement projects locally and nationally, Shannah decided to go to law school to get additional weapons. Her current fiction indulgence is binge-reading Octavia Butler novels.

Steven Dy, Organizing Director

Steven is a Cambodian/Puerto Rican resident of Rhode Island. Born & raised in Providence, Steven faced many of the injustices that affect the SEA community. He attended Hope High School and is devoted to organized members of the community for social justice.

Charlie Chhum, Program Coordinator

Charlie is an alumni of the former SOUL Program at PrYSM. He graduated from Hope High School and now attends CCRI. He coordinates our After Hourz program and is a break dancer so feel free to have a dance battle with him.

Charles Chhor, Queer Justice Coordinator

Charles Chhor was raised in Lowell, MA and recently came to Providence. Instantly involved at PrYSM, Charles is an aspiring fashion designer, dancer, and diva. He is also a YuGiOh player, much like everyone else at PrYSM but he’s prettier.

Vanessa Flores-Maldonado, Campaign Coordinator

Vanessa is a first generation Guatemalan-American, born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She has progressively become more involved at PrYSM as our Social Media Coordinator, a member of QT Thursdays, and Campaign Coordinator for the Community Safety Act. She currently lives with 4 cats and a bunny but one day hopes to own a dog or two.