Southeast Asian American history in Providence, RI is filled with both struggle and hope. As our communities continue to grow and develop, we have found resilience to be our greatest strength. However, we continue to face systemic oppression that keeps our communities disenfranchised. Providence Youth Student Movement envisions a strong, healthy Southeast Asian community free from state, street, and interpersonal violence.


PrYSM organizes at the intersections of race, class, gender, and sexual orientation by centering youth, female, queer, and people of color leadership in our campaigns, our organization, and our communities. PrYSM mobilizes queer Southeast Asian youth, families, and allies to build grassroots power and organize collectively for social justice.



We must confront and end cycles of violence in our communities. PrYSM must work towards transforming our communities by building safe spaces that foster accountability, healing, and dialogue.


Social justice, community organizing, and institutional change must be rooted in compassion and unity. Love for ourselves, our families, and our communities must guide PrYSM’s work, actions, and collective vision.


We must shift power into the hands of the people through direct action, base building, community coalitions, and youth organizing. PrYSM builds power by centering the experiences of the most oppressed and developing local grassroots leadership.